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The Longed-For Successful Pregnancy Via Egg Donation Clinic

Unfortunately, couples and families all over the world tend to have serious problems with getting pregnant and having a healthy child in a natural way. Many factors may influence barrenness-provoking pathologies, from sperm health to the proper, fertile functioning of the ovum. An egg donation clinic like New Life is a real savior for such cases – an advanced remedy that is possible only due to the technologies of the progressive times we live in. 

The Most Common “Getting Pregnant” Mistakes

  • Making love too often. It is a common misconception to think that the more frequently you have sex, the more are the chances of becoming pregnant. We beg to differ – two to five days’ time is needed for the “injected” sperm to mature and go to the next stage of fertilization. That is why the two-three times a week frequency of the “getting pregnant” sex should be just fine.  
  • Incorrect calculations. Not all women may know exactly when and for how long their ovulation is happening. On average, the menstrual cycle takes 28-32 to complete and the ovulation takes place in the middle of the cycle. But this isn’t an axiom. In order to make sure, it is best to buy a test and indicate the most closely approximate period of ovulation. You can also use a regular thermometer: every morning, while you are still in bed, check the basal temperature in your rectum – 37,2 degrees indicate that you are in the middle of the cycle. This is the period when the chances to get pregnant are the highest. 5 days before the ovulation, you should also better restrain from any intercourse.  
  • Rules of thumb. Pretty commonplace are domestic healing methods and pregnancy-related rules of thumb – such as herbal and soda vaginal douching for “microflora optimization” as well as taking regular steam baths for men to “relax the organs”. The first and major undisputed rule you should have is to always consult with a doctor before taking any such measures. Thus, douching can sometimes harm your natural microflora rather than aid it while the high temperatures in a steam bath may slow down the sperm movement. 
  • Man’s health. Women with a strong desire to get pregnant may be so fixated on themselves that they can start neglecting their man, who is an essential part of the whole process. The inactive way of life, extra weight, bad habits – all that decrease successful fertilization chances.
    Interesting fact beer contains female sex hormones – phytoestrogens – which eradicate male hormones. 

When to Go for Artificial Fertilization in an Egg Donation Clinic

It is best to start preparing for pregnancy one year before all the baby-making commotion begins – you should start with regular health checks at your therapist’s to see that you don’t have any superficial problems, pathologies or syndromes that can stand in the way of you getting pregnant. Throughout a year, couples should try to cleanse their bodies from alcohol, smoke, and fat food and only then start making insemination attempts.  

Once you start with your efforts, see that they don’t bring any significant results for long periods of time, and are diagnosed with some pregnancy-preventing pathology – you shouldn’t lose hope and become desperate, go to the specialized egg donation agency.

egg donor agency new-life uaPossible barrenness reasons:

    • Ovulation. If your cycle goes beyond the standard timeframe of 21-35 days, then there is a possibility that your egg cells may be unfit for fertilization. Egg cells can also be unable to produce mature follicles, which makes ovulation scarce and not resulting in producing healthy egg cells. 
  • Ovarian dysfunction. This is a common pathology when the norms of hormones’ production are disturbed and either too much or not enough hormones are produced. That, in turn, prevents follicles from maturing.  
  • Hormonal issues. Hormonal disturbances can provoke the menstrual cycle disorder and hinder the successful egg cell maturing. 
  • Premature climax. The average age of climax is 50-55. But it may as well so happen that a female runs out of egg cells by 45 or 40 due to the ovarium exhaustion. In certain cases, this can be cured with the injection of special hormones. One of the major reasons for the early climax is heredity. 

Interesting IVF facts & myths:

  • A child of any gender can be selected in IVF. Even if you go to the best egg donation clinic in the world, this is possible only if biological parents have a susceptibility to gender-related diseases and pathologies. Otherwise, it is restricted by law. 
  • IVF tightens relationships. Psychologists noticed that couples that went through IVF together become closer to each other and tend to break up more rarely. The special emotional connection of the kid in such families is also a peculiar observance. 
    • A “test-tube baby”. Many people still believe that IVF means bringing up a baby in the test tube. There are principal differences and specifics to the procedure, however, with the egg cells’ fertilization taking place in the Petri dish. 
    • You can get pregnant via IVF at any age. Indeed, IVF helps with that. The younger and healthier a woman is, however, the more chances there are for her to become pregnant in the first place, no matter the methods. 
  • In-vitro babies are unable to have kids later on. This is absolutely not true. Such situations can only be caused by either inherited or acquired in life dysfunctional reproductive system. 

an egg donation agency

Picking an Egg Cell Donor in the Best Clinic for Egg Donation – New Life

Special willing volunteers donate their healthy, functioning egg cells to those with low weak fertility abilities. The overall fertility level can be either high, medium, or low. It can also be characterized by capabilities – a female may be capable to conceive, carry, and deliver. 

Both anonymous and acquainted donors can be selected. Beforehand, you should discuss everything with your partner and settle with the most desired potential features of your future child – the color of the eyes, hair, etc. 

It is great when a donor has the same blood type as you. 

We’d recommend requesting a donor’s genetic screening in egg donation centers. This is required in order to check whether the donor has any genetic diseases or pathologies. 

Experienced donors at an egg donor clinic. There is also an option to use the egg cells of a donor who has had a donorship experience before and brought successful results – the birth of a healthy child. 

IVF may not be that easy, but it is certainly worth it! It is a true miracle when a family gets their long-awaited child. All this may not work out from the first time. But we have some seasoned expert doctors at the New Life clinic that can guarantee you successful results in the long run. 

How Can Be an Egg Cell Donor?

Becoming an egg cell donor isn’t as simple as it may seem. If you fit all the below requirements, however, you go to the specialized clinic, start your examinations there, and try your luck. 

Donors can be women

  • 18-35 years of age;
  • that don’t have any genetic or gynecological pathologies & diseases;
  • that aren’t obese;
  • that haven’t gone through any surgeries on milk glands or ovaries;
  • that haven’t had hepatitis A or diabetes;
  • that has at least one healthy child of their own. 

A potential donor must also be ready to take the special medication for stimulating the egg cells’ production and synchronize the menstrual cycle with the patient.


Artificial fertilization is only artificial in that the advanced man-made technologies are used based on the medical expertise to help barren couples overcome any challenges preventing them from getting a child. The most important thing in this matter is to prepare, pick a high-status egg donation clinic like New life, and have some patience – you will definitely be there if you try. 

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