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Choosing the Most Proper Fertility Clinic

If you are experiencing challenges with getting pregnant naturally, it is time to figure out how to choose a fertility clinic that will treat you best individually. No matter the level of treatment you require, you should opt for a clinic that can provide a full range of services as well as the best care for the expectant mother at all stages of treatment. Fortunately, there are clinics that have many years of experience and a wide range of services.

How to Choose a Fertility Clinic

The choice of a reproductive clinic should be taken as responsibly as possible. After all, it is all about helping a woman and her family realizing a life-changing dream of becoming a mother. It is necessary to pay attention to a number of aspects.


You can, pretty much, understand how comfortable a woman feels in the infertility clinic from the first visit. It is important that the staff is friendly and the future mother can fully trust the attending physician. Given that, she will worry less and will be able to focus on the most important thing – the birth of a child.


We are all well aware that technology is being improved every day. And it is a necessity that the clinic’s specialists follow the innovations and regularly improve their skills. It is very important that the equipment is of the highest quality, clearly supports all the specified parameters, does not harm the embryo and the woman, and also protects against possible infection.


Reproductive therapy or surrogacy is preceded by a bunch of examinations (ultrasound of the reproductive organs, follicular reserve, tests of certain female hormones, male spermogram, etc.. It’s great when you can conduct all the tests in one place. It’s also important that the clinic provides additional services. For instance, selecting a surrogate mother is a very complex process and an infertility specialist can help.


Any reputable infertility center has high-class experts that continuously boost their qualification. Only top-notch expertise delivered by experienced doctors (like the ones working at New Life) can grant IVF, surrogacy, and other reproductive procedures to go without any complications. 

How to Choose a Fertility ClinicBenefits of Surrogacy

  • A childless couple gets a genetically native child. For many people, it is very important that the baby inherits family genes.
  • The mother doesn’t have to go through any unpleasant sensations. All the effort here is carried out by the donor mother.
  • Many modern women are afraid of losing their jobs and living without a livelihood. If that fear is combined with infertility pathologies, surrogacy is a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone.
  • In most countries, state authorities don’t restrict or regulate the signing of a surrogacy agreement so there should be no worries about the legal side of the whole thing. 
  • Modern medical technology helps to check the embryo for genetic abnormalities. This helps to guarantee that the baby is born healthy in advance.
  • For a potential surrogate mother, bearing and giving birth to another couple’s child can be an excellent opportunity to improve their financial situation.

Selecting a Surrogate Mother in Fertility Clinics

A woman who wants to become a surrogate mother is undergoing a serious selection. After all, it is precisely her health, both physical and psychological, that the health of the future baby will depend on. Therefore, when selecting women for the role of a surrogate mother, the best infertility clinics are guided by a number of mandatory criteria:

  • A surrogate mother should be 20-35 years of age. But most often, preferred candidates are up to 27 years old, since the young body is more stable and better adapted to stressful situations.
  • There are also a number of requirements that apply to both the physical and psychological health of expectant mothers. Women working with New Life, for instance, undergo a thorough examination directly at the fertility center, so it is completely impossible to hide any information about the state of health. 
  • A woman should have her own child, conceived in a natural way without the use of IVF or any assistive technologies and born independently, without cesarean section.
  • A woman should not have any bad habits, be physically active, and monitor watch her own health.


Surrogacy is a great way to become parents for those who, for some reason, cannot bear and have a baby on their own. In top clinics, patients are offered assistance in selecting a surrogate mother and getting all the laboratory tests done for the successful IVF procedure. All in all, the selection of the fertility clinic should be approached very carefully, because the life and health of the unborn child depend on this.

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