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Egg Donation

What is egg donation and how does it all happen? Modern technologies, the best doctors and the best egg donor database are all strict requirements provided by New Life for reasonable egg donor cost and with high-quality service.

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What is Egg Donation?

Egg donation can be an ultimate way out for women whose ovaries do not produce their own eggs or those experiencing various health issues. Fertility failures can also occur as a result of malformations, menopause or unsuccessful previous attempts at artificial insemination when the embryo was of poor quality.

It is recommended to conduct the procedure in the advanced, official clinic, which is also the only way to be legally protected. A clinic is a buffer between a donor and a couple that needs help.

The donor undergoes a complete medical examination, submits tests and only after that gets into the egg donor base. A couple who is looking for an egg donor can select the donor they need using the database.

The procedure takes place under general anesthesia and lasts 10-15 minutes. Before this, the donor must observe a protein diet and drink a course of harmonious contraceptives in order to synchronize the cycle of the donor and the patient.

After the procedure are recommended bed rest and the absence of physical activity.

Who Needs Donor Egg Services?

Couples looking for egg donors are, usually, those who cannot conceive a child and become a happy family in a natural way for a long time. Women over 40 years-old and those experiencing menopause. These people are most often looking for an egg donor.

What Do We Offer?

New Life offers top-notch service, having some of the best egg donor banks there are, offering impeccable donor egg success rates, and keeping everything anonymous. Couples looking for egg donors cannot get to know donors and vice versa.

Our clinic allows you to pick a phenotype and select donors by:

Height and weight

Hair and eye color



Blood type and Ph factor

Why Us?

Individual approach to each client

We guarantee complete confidentiality

We provide free consultation

We offer reasonable egg donor cost

One of the best egg donor banks globally

We take care of full legal support

Ask a Doctor

If you want to get advice from professionals, you can leave a statement on the official website and we will consult you as to the common donor egg success rates and approximate egg donor cost

For urgent matters, please call the scheduling center at:

+380(96) 089 7777