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PGD Ukraine

Ukraine or PGS IVF is a method for identifying embryos with genetic or chromosomal abnormalities employed after the artificial insemination procedure. Thanks to the PGS testing success, parents get to see the probability of chromosomal diseases appearing in their child’s organism and start preventing them beforehand.

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PGD: What Is It?

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is, as we’ve already mentioned, a procedure of inspecting embryos for chromosomal (aneuploidy) and genetic pathologies, which is conducted not long before the extracorporal fertilization. Passing a PGD at BabyLife, both families fighting the barrenness issues and those planning to employ a surrogate mother to get guarantees of delivering and bringing up healthy kids.

During the PGS IVF, 1-2 blastomeres are being extracted from each fertilized embryo at the stage of the blastocyst development so that their cores could be studied. As per usual, a homological test with the fluorescent mark is also conducted. In such a way, a normal course of fetus development directly depends on the PGS testing success, decreasing the forced abortion risks at the same time.

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Who May Need PGD Ukraine?

PGD allows thoroughly studying embryos and defining common chromosomal abnormalities before the embryo itself is implanted in the utero. This kind of preparation before the artificial insemination and PGS testing as a whole helps to timely prevent the formation of the unhealthy fetus. With the initial PGS success rates by age, we can see which types of embryos are susceptible to transforming into a healthy fetus (about 7 out of 10 embryos appear to be prone to internal defects).

The decisive factor of this anomaly lies in the aneuploidy of chromosomes, which appears either during the maturation of ovum or at the time of spermatogenesis. It can also be caused by parental chromosomal pathologies. The loss of genetic material, however, not always happens due to parental passing reasons. Certain PGS success rates by age directly influence the predictability of assisted reproductive technology results (BPT).

What We Offer

BabyLife is an advanced medical center that provides the following PGD-related services:

becoming an egg donor

PGS testing of 9 chromosomes (13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 21, 22, X, Y)

An ability to choose your future child’s gender

PGD Ukraine for the carriers of balanced chromosomal translocations

Research of embryos for identifying chronic diseases & pathologies (optional)