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Sperm Donors

A sperm donor provided by the advanced artificial fertilization-focused New Life med center will help you acquire the happiness of becoming parents to a healthy child if you have any issues with getting pregnant naturally. Sadly, such issues are quite common in our times.

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For Whom?

No matter if a family’s female is barren or male is infertile or either one suffers from a pathology – using a sperm donor to get pregnant via intrauterine or extrauterine insemination is a sure way to overcome any reproductive challenges.

Either you want to have a baby in the family or to be a single mom or dad of a beautiful child, New Life will help you on your way at the most reasonable sperm donor cost.

What is This?

Sperm donors at New Life go through a thorough selection before offering their donations. Only a physically and psychologically healthy male of up to 40 years-old who already has a healthy child of their own can be your sperm donor. All our potential candidates must pass a bunch of special examinations, such as blood analyses for AIDS, hepatitis B and C, and other sexually-transmitted and genetic diseases or pathologies.

After all the tests are done, donors first provide semen samples for quality check of the biomaterial. In particular, it must contain over 60% of sperm cells in 1 ml of semen – 80 million cells all in all. Only after the successful quality check can donors provide the biomaterial for our sperm bank.

All procedures take place anonymously and neither a sperm donor knows where their sperm goes nor those who eventually receive the biomaterial know from whom it comes.

Best Sperm Donors

We have an extensive sperm bank from which you can select a particular sperm donor needed by their blood type, phenotype (including height, weight, color of the eyes and hair), and other parameters.

Usually, clients pick a sperm donor by the physical description so that they get a chance to deliver a baby that resembles a new genetic dad as closely as possible.

Why Us?

New Life is an advanced medical center that helps keen parents to make their dream of getting child come true at the most reasonable conditions. In particular, we offer:

One of the biggest databases of surrogate mothers & sperm donors

Some of the best, in-depth experienced doctors in the field

In-house lawyers that will help you handle all the required legal paperwork

Impeccable service leading you step by step towards achieving your goal

Affordable prices

Ask a Doctor

You can contact our doctors directly in order to consult for free with competent experts to find out all the crucial details before looking for sperm donor and clarify the approximate sperm donor cost

For urgent matters, please call the scheduling center at:

+380(96) 089 7777