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Looking to find a surrogate mother? Ukraine is one of the few European countries where surrogate maternity is absolutely legal while providing high-quality medical services. Thanks to Ukrainian doctors, dozens of thousands of families all around the world were able to deliver a long-awaited child. Find out more about the surrogate maternity services our advanced fertility and surrogacy centre New Life offers.

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What is Surrogacy?

Surrogate maternity is a complex of procedures for successfully conceiving, bearing, and delivering a child for parents who aren’t able to go through these stages naturally (for instance, if a genetic mother is barren or there is only a father).

After the baby is born, a surrogate mother passes it to the family of officially genetic parents. She also officially approves that she refuses any parental connection to the newborn.

In most cases, surrogate maternity is employed by families where a female is unable to bear a child due to medical conditions or if the male’s sperm is insufficient for insemination.

Professional surrogate services involve the extracorporal fertilization which can only be provided by qualified medical centers. During the procedure, the ovum is inseminated externally, in the laboratory conditions. Then, the sperm is cultivated and injected into the surrogate mother’s uterus. As a rule, this takes place 3-5 days after the start of embryo development.


Our advanced fertility and surrogacy centre NewLife provides a full scope of related services, including:


Extracorporal Fertilization

The artificial insemination procedure that allows to ‘plant’ an embryo into the genetic mother’s uterus


IVF with Donor Eggs

The procedure of artificial fertilization with the help of a donor as a biological father



Artificial insemination of a surrogate mother that bears and delivers a child for parents unable to get a child the natural way



A biological mother’s ovary stimulation for the extraction of the ovum for further fertilization


Legal Support

Assistance with the legal paperwork describing the lawful transfer of a child from a surrogate mother to the new official parents


Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy

Procedures of prompt elimination of pathological disturbances in the uterine tubes and the uterine cavity respectively


PGD Test

A test for genetic or other types of abnormalities in the embryo


Induction of Ovulation

A procedure of artificially causing the female ovulation for further fertilization

Why Us?

We provide high-quality surrogate maternity and related medical procedures based on extensive experience, numerous certificates, and record of success, offering:

Services of highly-experienced in the field of auxiliary reproductive technologies doctors

One of the largest databases of donors and potential surrogate mothers in Ukraine

Extensive range of services so that you could pick the most individually optimal way to artificially inseminate and bear a child

Reasonable, affordable prices

Process of Surrogate

During the prep stage of the professional surrogate maternity process, a surrogate mother candidate is selected, which must meet the following requirements:

  • Child-bearing age of 20-35 years
  • Mother should have her own healthy child
  • No physical or psychological diseases or pathologies
  • Personal willingness to take part in the process
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