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Sperm Donation. Modern World – Modern Pregnancy Opportunities

We all live in a world where, sadly, not everyone gets to have a child the natural way, yet there are advanced medical capabilities just for such purposes. Egg cell and sperm donation ultimately help people experiencing fertility issues find a way out in spite of nature’s unwillingness to help. There are many reasons why people tend to suffer infertility and other pathologies. Some major reasons for that are the declining state of ecology and the world population’s health overall, as well as sweeping same-sex sexual relationships. 

New Life is here to help you overcome any obstacles on your way to becoming happy, healthy parents.

IVF Age Limits

There are no single formulated boundaries in this matter and the compatibility with the whole procedure depends heavily on individual physiological features. Plus, in some countries procedures such as IVF are restricted by law. 

As a matter of fact, young, healthy women tend to get pregnant during the consecutive ovulation period with a 25% chance.

The 6% of women 15-44 years of age from the USA are having difficulties to get pregnant even after a whole year of effort. 

IVF success rates

Woman’s age % of IVF procedure success
under 35 years 41,5%
35-37 years 31,9%
38-40 years 22,1%
41-42 years 12,4%
43-44 years 5%
over 44 years 1%

The statistics indicate that, after 35 years, the chances of getting pregnant through IVF start to reduce by 10% every two years. A similar tendency can be tracked during natural pregnancy as well. 

Having advanced modern technologies at disposal, we can delay the menopause and aid you in delivering a child despite possible issues. Should we limit these opportunities based on the women’s age considering the rapid technical development? 

sperm donation new-life.uaIn 2012, Ukraine was going to restrict artificial fertilization efforts for women over 49-years-old. How reasonable is such a limitation? From the perspective of ethics, not too much. Americans, for instance, go by the following formula: the total age of a child’s parents mustn’t go over 100 years. They base their restriction solely on time – potential parents should have enough time to take care of their future offspring.  

An Austrian-American scientist Carl Djerassi – an inventor of birth control pills – claims that sex wouldn’t be needed by humanity by 2050. It’ll only be a thing for fun. Young people, becoming a sperm donor and donating egg cells while still in their adolescence, won’t have to put any more effort into the whole thing. 25-year-old girls wouldn’t get nervous about “still not having a baby”, as their dose of dedicated semen will be awaiting them in the fridge. 

“There Was No Sex in the USSR”, But Will There Be Sex in the Future?!

According to the studies of some prominent futurists, there is a possibility that sex won’t be as commonplace in the future as it is now. Still, people will have to continue their family lineages somehow.

There is already a slightly understudied yet known in the scientific circles type of people – asexuals – people that don’t experience any sexual appetite either for men or women. The position of such people isn’t as common and obviously reasonable on the global scale, though, so we cannot consider it a social phenomenon officially, like we can heterosexuality, homosexuality, etc. 

Artificial insemination capabilities will be most relevant for this layer of people. The absence of a particular need to partake in the intercourse doesn’t mean that most of them wouldn’t want to become parents, bring up children, and reproduce. 

IVF in Ukraine

Despite the rapid rates of modern technological development, Ukrainians take artificial fertilization efforts with great caution. One of the reasons for this may the lack of common information on the subject. The demand for the IVF service, however, grows with each passing year. There were 157 babies delivered with the help of IVF in 2000. Now, there are 8,000 of them brought to the world through IVF every year. 

Sperm Donation – Can the Donors be Trusted?

First and foremost – make sure to turn only to the well-tried-and-tested, high-level clinic. New Life is the leading medical reproductive center that provides all the guarantees in the matter. 

But how to understand that, e.g., New Life is really the clinic to be trusted?

Firstly, if you want to become a sperm donor at New Life, you’ll have to put some good effort into it. All the preparation and related procedures take time, lots of individual monitoring, with the main sperm donation requirements being quite strict. 

How does sperm donation work in terms of requirements? An IVF candidate must:

  • Be 18-35 years of age, 40 at the most;
  • Have at least one healthy child;
  • Necessarily pass all the required examinations, including tests for HIV, Hepatitis B & C, and for other venereal diseases;
  • Thoroughly fill out their personal data concerning their family health, sex life, & so on. 

That is why only 5% of males are capable of becoming a sperm donor successfully. 

A compensation when you become a sperm donor

It’s important to highlight that sperm donors get full compensation for their efforts only in six months since the process initiation. As soon as the donor has passed all examinations and analyses, and donated their semen, the biomaterial is frozen. If no newly-appeared issues are found in the sperm in six months, the donor gets the full compensation according to the sperm donation program they partake in.

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