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Jennifer & Connor

Story of a couple that had struggled with infertility for 7 years.

September 4, 2019

My husband and I had been dreaming about having a baby for five whole years without getting anywhere close to making it happen on our own. I was eventually diagnosed barren, which was a serious strike for our family relationships and well-being. We are from Germany, both of us born and raised, and we couldn’t afford even thinking about any ‘external’ medical help in the matter as surrogate maternity is strictly prohibited here.

It wasn’t until a lot of time had passed that we started considering ‘offshore’ options. I have a good friend in Ukraine, who told me that the local medicine there is of pretty high standards when it comes to the professional reproductive help, that it’s also completely legal there, and, most importantly, very affordable to us due to the exchange rates and other local nuances. At that time, my husband started researching the possibilities, finding all that to be officially true. That was when we had decided to go for it and went to visit my friend in Ukraine. We went to New Life in a week since our arrival in Ukraine, which is such an inviting place with pleasant, beautiful people. In the medical center, we were greeted with a warm welcome and, without any delays, thoroughly consulted and provided with a database of potential surrogate mothers. I must say that the New Life personnel is very qualified in terms of receiving patients, being very humane and understanding at the same time. We couldn’t afford to pay for the whole complex of procedures at once, but as soon as we mentioned that when we first came, we were offered to pay in parts.

We made our final decision and settled with a surrogate mother who had the phenotype closest by most parameters to mine. We met her after some time to get to know each other more and were utterly satisfied with our choice. From there on out, it had been about two years of eager anticipation and prayers. Two years because the successful insemination happened on the second try and thanks God for that. We were constantly communicating with the mother throughout her pregnancy and anxiously watched the results of each and every examination. All that time and anticipation was more than worth the effort. We are now officially parents to a beautiful, healthy daughter who is all the things we could ever wish for. The happiness of being able to bring her up now is just something we can’t be grateful enough for.

Mere ‘thank you’ will never be enough, but we want to say THANK YOU from our hearts to New Life for the millionth time. Thank you for being there in the time of this bitter need, thank you for compassionately leading us along this difficult path, and thank you for changing our lives for the best once and for all!