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About New Life – The Best Surrogacy Clinic in Ukraine

The surrogacy Ukraine clinic offers is one of the best services in the world. But even in Ukraine alone, there is a huge amount of surrogacy agencies. Why is our clinic the best and what services we provide?

Center Reproductive Medicine New Life Ukraine

What We Can Do for You: Our Services

Our clinic uses IVF. This is a method that has helped many people become parents. It can be performed using the sperm of the husband, a donor, or other ways.
Options that we can offer:

Surrogacy Ukraine Clinic New Life

Surrogate for the lonely. The donor egg or the egg of the future mother is fertilized with the sperm of a donor. Families can obtain it from a healthy male donor by agreement or from a sperm bank. Ukraine surrogacy clinic NewLife will help you select candidates!

Surmama + O.D. The egg of the genetic mother and the sperm of the biological father interact using the IVF method. Afterwards, the embryo is moved to the womb of the surrogate mother.

IVF + Surmama. After the fertilization of the patient’s egg with the husband’s sperm, the embryo is placed into the surrogate mother’s womb until birth.

IVF Clinic Ukraine. Why Choose Us?

Lots of surrogacy agencies all around the world do IVF. Then what is special about our surrogacy Ukraine clinic? Well, we not only have clients from 5 countries as our partners, our doctors have huge experience and are constantly improving their knowledge and skills.
The advantages of our clinic:

Clients From All Over the World

Our center serves clients from the European Union, Austria, Canada, China, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Britain, Georgia.

728 Happy Families

Our Ukraine surrogacy clinic is happy to find the right donor for you. The New Life center always assumes the responsibility for it. Our center specializes in the correct selection of a surrogate mother who will be as close as possible to the future mother. The same also goes for the sperm donor.

Years of Experience

Each patient is considered individually. Only after having thoroughly studied a problem can you successfully solve it. Our reproductive center is ready to help everyone who is in a difficult situation.

Our Specialists

They not only have a lot of practice but also systematically improve their knowledge and skills. Our center today is one of the best in the field of IVF, donation, and surrogacy.

Free Consultation

We will answer all your questions about our programs and donors.

Full Legal Support

There is no need to use any other law firms because we can draw up all the documents.

Fertility Clinic Prices

The clinic not only has flexible payment, we also try to make our services affordable.

Support in English

No problems with communication.

Working With Couples

We can help you prepare all the necessary documents and legally register you as parents.

Control and Report

Our surrogate mothers and donors are watched 24 hours a day. You will also receive reports.

Our Reproductive Medicine Specialists

Reproductive medicine specialists that work in our surrogacy center perfectly understand how difficult it is to face the problem of infertility.

Leonid Matviyets

Сhief physician, obstetrician-gynecologist

Main areas of work: prevention of obstetric complications in practically healthy pregnant women, management of complicated pregnancy (placental dysfunction, preeclampsia, miscarriage and prolongation of pregnancy, ischemic-cervical insufficiency, management of pregnancy and lactation in women with fibrocystic disease of the mammary glands, management of physiological and complicated births and postpartum anemia in pregnant women, disorders of the vaginal and intestinal biocenosis, asymptomatic bacteriuria and gestational pyelonephritis, obesity and pathological weight gain in pregnant women). Pregnancy management after ART.

Lyudmila Dolnikova

Reproductologist, surgeon, obstetrician-gynecologist

Uses methods of treating patients with infertility with the help of assisted reproductive technologies; methods of conservative treatment for patients with sexually transmitted infections, background and precancerous diseases of the cervix and uterus, hormonal disorders of the ovarian menstrual cycle; diagnostic methods: ultrasound of the pelvic organs in case of gynecological diseases; colposcopy; echo hysterosalpingography, diagnostic office hysteroscopy; practical skills of surgical treatment of gynecological patients: laparotomic surgery, laparoscopic surgery assistance.

Book a Consultation

Fill in the contact form describing the details of your case, and the best suited doctor will get back to you.

For urgent matters, please call the scheduling center at:

+380(96) 089 7777