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Become a Parent as a Gay Individual or Gay Couple

The times when people with a non-traditional orientation couldn’t even imagine having a child are long gone. Today, the world offers the widest possibilities for the realization of such a cherished dream as the birth of a child. All due to the advanced services provided by egg donation clinics helping to create full-fledged families.

From the medical perspective, the term “surrogate motherhood” means that someone will bear your baby without introducing any genetic structure into your child. In the case of surrogacy for same-sex couples, this format is often excluded due to legal restrictions. But let’s talk about gestational childbearing or gestational surrogacy.

The concept of “gestational carrier” is used much more widely than the surrogacy. It, basically, means that a woman delivering a child is not genetically related to one. Instead, a previously fertilized egg is placed in her uterus. This is a very popular procedure right now. According to the CDC’s National ART Surveillance System, the number of gestational procedures in the United States increased from 727 (1.0%) in 1999 to 3432 (2.5%) in 2013.

From the legal perspective, gay surrogacy can be not that a simple procedure, however. But if you work with the New Life clinic, we have a team of lawyers who will tell you how to fill out the documents correctly so that there are no problems and your name is indicated on the baby’s birth certificate.

Choosing a Gestational Carrier for Gay Surrogacy

Often, future parents try to find a friend or relative who can bear the baby. If the couple has difficulties with this, then you can use the services of a professional agency.

Lawyers specializing in arranging surrogacy for LGBT couples often also help find a gestational carrier. Then, there are special online resources where you can get acquainted and chat with a potential surrogate mother as well.

It is very important to correctly legalize all aspects of cooperation with a surrogate mother and not to miss important details. This is necessary both in case the surrogate mother recommends the agency to you and when you use the services of a good friend or relative.

New Life clinic is ready to help in this matter with the relevant experience and knowledge of the legal subtleties that can resolve the issue of adopting a child by same-sex couples.

Future parents, however, should be ready to cooperate with many people who will help in bringing the incredible event to life – the birth of a new life.

Such people can include:

  • Surrogacy agency representative;
  • Gestational carrier (and, perhaps, her close relatives);
  • Egg cell donor;
  • Reproductive specialists (clinic’s IVF experts);
  • Obstetrician-gynecologist for a gestational carrier

Examinations Before Surrogacy for LGBT Couples

Each and every potential surrogate mother must undergo a complex medical examination. The same applies to the egg donor and future parents. An egg donor is required to provide information on the personal and family history of health, as well as on previous cases of donation (if any took place).

Surely, the most difficult part of the examination is experienced by the future gestational carrier. First, an analysis of the basic data is carried out: the history of a previous pregnancy, medical features or complications, relevant preferences. Then, there is a long communication with a social worker, as well as psychological screening. The records of the IVF doctor are checked in detail.

How to Select Biological Parents in Surrogacy for Gay Couples?

Similarly to heterosexual couples who need the help of surrogate motherhood, gay single men and gay couples are provided with an egg donor database. With its help, you can choose a woman who will meet the individual requirements in specific aspects. Choosing an egg donor, you can look closely at the appearance, features of intelligence, creative talents or sports abilities, mathematical and humanitarian traits.

When choosing an egg donor is out of the way, the next question remains – which of the couple will become the biological father of the baby. You can have two children, then the clinic can create embryos using the selected egg donor and biological materials of both fathers.

That is, part of the eggs will be fertilized by one father, and the other part of the eggs will have the genetics of the second father. Thus, you can make an attempt to give birth to twins. But this is a very difficult option. There is a more affordable way – to give birth to children in turn, first with the help of biological materials from one father, and then with the help of another.

Gestational Carrier for Gay SurrogacyRelationships With a Surrogate Mother

A good relationship between the gestational carrier and future parents helps a lot to go through such a difficult and unusual way to parenthood. In the future, this can become a good basis for a story about the birth of a child.

Surrogate mothers claim that pregnancy is easier when there is the active participation of biological parents. And the held parents, in turn, argue that a close relationship during the gestation period improves the sense of involvement. And even after the birth of a child, many couples continue to maintain good relations with the gestational carrier.


It is the ultimate dream for many to become parents. Gay couples were never an exception. The only thing is that they have to take a more difficult way to parenthood. At first glance, this process may seem very problematic and confusing. But don’t be discouraged.

After all, the joy of parenthood is beyond compare and no difficulties can frighten a couple who is determined to give birth to a child. Thankfully, there are advanced surrogacy agencies as well as clinics that are ready to provide a full range of services concerning surrogacy for gay couples.

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