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Surrogate Pregnancy – Your Chance to Become Parents

Ukraine is the country which offers one of the best surrogate pregnancy services in the world. When it comes to choosing the best clinic, however, it may be challenging to make the right choice. So why should you choose New Life? 

What should you know about the surrogate maternity in the first place? What about the surrogate cost? Before you sign a contract, you need to find out more about the clinic, their professional surrogate experts, average costs, and the general process. 

You probably know that there are two types of surrogate pregnancy: gestational and traditional. When choosing the traditional method, a surrogate mother is inseminated either by an anonymous donor or intended father (she carries the baby). 

During the gestational surrogacy, an egg is taken from the intended mother or an anonymous donor. After that, it is fertilized with the sperm of the intended father and transferred to a surrogate mother.

Now, we’d like to briefly discuss the main peculiarities of the surrogate pregnancy process.

Surrogate Maternity at New Life

It goes without saying that our couples first should undergo a thorough prep stage. We can’t tell how long it may last. A lot depends on your state of health. However, you should know that we are very demanding to surrogate mother candidates. They should correspond to the following requirements:

  • A solid state of health (no psychological or physical pathologies);
  • Age from 20 to 35;
  • A candidate should have her own child;
  • The woman should have a desire to become a surrogate mother.

Moreover, before we launch the process, a woman should pass a few medical tests. We simply can’t start the process without these analyses:

  • Blood tests for hepatitis, venereal diseases, blood type, and Rh factor;
  • Urine analysis;
  • Blood coagulation tests;
  • Biochemical analysis of blood;
  • Pap smear;
  • Fluorography;
  • Psychiatric examination.

You can feel certain that all surrogate candidates pass all these medical tests before this process and don’t suffer from any illnesses that don’t allow them to carry a baby.

The Surrogate Pregnancy Process – Steps to Follow

Surrogacy usually begins with the donation of eggs and sperm (in-vitro conception of eggs). Let’s have a look at the main steps of the process which makes millions of families from all over the world happier.

Conceiving embryos 

The intended parents should come to our clinic to donate eggs or sperm. This process usually takes a few hours. Fertility treatment takes two weeks. 

Finding a surrogate woman

We have a database of surrogate mothers ready to give birth to your baby. It is up to you to decide which one to choose. Our coordinators will evaluate the surrogate woman of your choice, manage her well-being, and handle her compensation. Simply put, we’ll make sure that the candidate has gone through a number of evaluations including medical, legal, psychological and criminal.

Getting pregnant

After every fertilization procedure, we get several viable embryos. We use the best first and others will be immediately frozen (they can be used next time if the procedure is needed to be repeated). You should know that the success of embryo transfer is contingent on the quality of the embryos. However, our team will do their best to help you make your dream come true!


After the pregnancy is confirmed, the professional surrogate starts her prenatal care. 

Becoming legal parents

When the surrogate woman gives birth to a baby, you’ll be immediately notified. After that, you can come to our clinic and welcome your new daughter or son.

If you have any clarification-seeking questions or any concerns regarding the surrogacy program, feel free to contact us. Experts from New Life are always ready to help solve absolutely any issues related to surrogate pregnancy. Thanks to our specialists, many families from all over the world have finally become happy parents.
We can’t tell the precise surrogate cost because every case is individual. But our prices aren’t sky-high.
We have all the legal documents that are needed for surrogacy services. So you can feel certain that your experience will be stress-free, successful, and absolutely safe.