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The Best Way For Surrogate Maternity

For many people, surrogate maternity is a single possible option to conceive, bear, and deliver a healthy child. Unfortunately, such procedures are restricted in some countries so the only solution is to employ reproductive med centers abroad. In this specific matter, Ukraine maybe your best destination of choice.

Finding a surrogate mother in Ukraine, you ultimately get top-notch service at affordable prices provided by the staff with deep expertise in reproductive medicine.

Why Ukraine?

First and foremost, surrogate maternity and sperm donorship is absolutely legal procedures on the territory of Ukraine. This allows both local and foreign families to get a chance to have a baby with one’s’ inherited genes. Reasons in favor don’t end on that, however, as Ukraine also boasts:

  • Numerous doctors specializing in reproductive techniques primarily. Ukrainian med centers focused on reproductive technologies have already helped thousands of people in need to become healthy parents. Powered by advanced tech methods, local specialists are able to minimize all the significant risks of the fetus developing the wrong way;
  • Good ecological situation. Towns and cities of Ukraine have clean water and air. There is also a well-developed agricultural sector so surrogate mothers get all the necessary conditions for normal, healthy fetus development (fresh, ecologically-clean food, water that doesn’t contain any heavy metals, as well as the air with the minimum carbon dioxide contents);
  • Quality legal support. Medical centers in Ukraine that provide extracorporal fertilization and surrogate maternity services also take care of the legal side of the question. If you come to New Life, for instance, you’ll get a personal lawyer assigned to handle all the necessary documentation;
  • Women’s mentality focused on taking care of the child. It’s a great responsibility along with a great legal profit-making opportunity for Ukrainian women. You can stay sure that your future baby is to be taken the needed care of and monitor everything yourself.

Surrogate Mother Selection Requirements

There are multiple requirements a surrogate mother in Ukraine must meet. In particular, the female must be 18-35 years of age, have her own healthy child who is at least 2-years-old, and pass successfully all the needed tests. Being registered in the New Life database, potential surrogate mothers provide their height, weight, blood type, Rh factor, and confirm that they don’t have any bad habits.

Coming to a specialized med center that offers in vitro fertilization and surrogacy, the integrity of your future surrogate mother in Ukraine is guaranteed by the qualified staff with the primary responsibility to provide you with a reasonable solution to your issues.

Cost of Surrogate Maternity in Ukraine

In terms of the ultimate cost of surrogacy, Ukraine is among the most profitable and reasonable destinations. At New Life, successfully finding and picking a surrogate mother in Ukraine with all the related medical and legal procedures involved starts at 25,000 Euro. That is dramatically lower than in many other countries wherein Vitro fertilization and surrogacy are legal.
New Life is Always There to Help!

If you have any issues with having a baby the natural way, come to the advanced medical centers New Life. Our main focus is on professional reproductive services. Fill out the contact form and our doctors will shortly contact you to tell all about surrogacy and consult you on the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine for your particular case.